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Watch me get beat up

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Did some fighting for OZY last summer. Thanks Kirian and Dreamkiller for the opportunity. Yes, there is some written content beneath the video!

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March 26, 2018 at 19:27

Nerve damage, no problem.

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Sciatica: the early days.

Sciatica: the early days.

Sciatica, from “burning or tingling down the leg…numbness…constant pain on one side of the rear…”

Yep, got it. #Acupuncture, here I come!

I got the hematoma pictured from incorrectly holding a “suitcase” kick pad for a Muay Thai partner. All you young kids in school, don’t turn out like me! Unless you don’t mind a little nerve damage. Must be so much easier to be a lover than a fighter.

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January 8, 2014 at 16:03

Top six excuses for not practicing Muay Thai (and how I dismiss them).

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 imagine myself kicking the crap out of this guy when I'm trying to fall asleep.

Buakaw: I imagine myself kicking the crap out of this guy when I’m trying to fall asleep.

1. My butt hurts. (It always hurts. I’m 42 and I train for a notoriously savage combat sport generally practiced by adolescents and pre-pubescent children.)

2. It’s crappy outside. (I live in Boston, if weather were a deterrent I’d get nothing done outside my home.)

3. I’m still sore from the last time I trained and I need rest. (Two days rest is reasonable, three days off means my work rate suffers when I get back at it.)

4. I can still protect myself and knock out opponents if I only train four days a week. (Maybe, but how many days did my opponent train?)

5. I’m in the mood for peace and love today, not fighting. (Nobody will care about my feelings when I step over the ropes. Performance is key.)

6. I don’t need to actually fight to research a writing project about Muay Thai. (No, but competition will only improve the chances of selling the project. I must be fairly desperate to be putting myself through all this, anyway, so why not take a risk and put my balls on the line?)

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December 29, 2013 at 16:46

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Kickboxing: the faster fight sport?

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No kissing and hugging: Wayne Barrett (left) won the decision over 185 lb champ Joe Schilling at Glory 12.

No kissing and hugging: Wayne Barrett (left) won the decision over 185 lb champ Joe Schilling at Glory 12.

12/18/13 — BOSTON:

Kickboxing may be accompanied by punchier sound cues than any other fight sport.

On November 23 at GLORY 12, just seconds into Round 1, Brian Collette’s knockout kick to the head of Warren Thompson reported a brittle “SPLAT!” audible all the way back to the cheap seats of the Madison Square Garden Theater, such that fans groaned and some wondered, briefly, if part of Thompson had snapped.

In the US particularly, the savage art the French call “foot-and-fist” has been eclipsed over the last 20 years by the rise to mainstream popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA is a newer hybrid of fighting disciplines lead by Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Challenge (UFC).

MMA allows the kicks, punches, elbows and knee strikes that comprise Muay Thai, Thailand’s ancient war dance, combined with mat-bound grappling techniques used in amateur wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Kickboxing allows “no kissing and hugging,” as light heavyweight prodigy Gökhan “The Rebel” Saki has put it, just tornadoes of punches, kicks and knee strikes in combinations. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 18, 2013 at 21:47

Matt Webster – Best of 2013


Records 2013
Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One – Illuminator
Against The Grain – Surrounded by Snakes
The Bronx – IV
Funeral Cone – Peel Back The Foil EP
Bad Weather California – Backseats EP
Corrosion of Conformity – Megalodon EP
Good For You – Life’s Too Short Not To Hold A Grudge

Live Music 2013
Against The Grain (Midway Cafe)
Obsidian and Funeral Cone (Roggie’s)
FLAG, TSOL, and Cerebral Ballzy (Paradise)
My Bloody Valentine (House of Blues)
Bad Religion and The Bronx (House of Blues)
Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One (JP Music Fest)

Best Live Sports 2013: Glory 12 Kickboxing (MSG Theater)

Best Politics 2013: On Nov. 6, 2012, 63% of Massachusetts voters approved a ballot question making our state the 18th to enact a compassionate medical marijuana program.

Worst Politics 2013: Scumbag Tsarnaev brothers interpret their inability to attract chicks in high school as a reason to murder and maim innocent people at the Boston Marathon.

My resolution for 2014: No more Boston house “pahties” because they remind of my teaching days, except I’m struggling to communicate with drunks instead of non-native English speakers. If you won’t introduce yourself, I am not coming to your party!

*Special Bonus* 2012 Records
Obsidian – Spectre
Cinema Cinema – 50 ft. Queenie/Adult Themes 7″
Tim Barry – 40 Miler
Enslaved – Riitiir
The Shrine – S/T
Corrosion of Conformity – S/T
Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme

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December 17, 2013 at 18:29

Kilslug – Sins, Tricks and Lies (Review)

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When you’re disgusted with humanity, seek solace in the music of Kilslug, Boston’s eons-running doom rock villains.

I take “Sins, Tricks and Lies” to be Kilslug’s newest release, but who really knows? The physical facts of this 11-inch, backwards-tracking vinyl-only item are almost as challenging as the music recorded thereupon, and best described by the video above.

As ever, Larry Lifeless, Big Daddy and the boys deliver a full slate of red-hot, anti-Christian sputum guaranteed to clear the room of weaklings. Hell, do I feel wretched.

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October 6, 2012 at 02:18

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The Master – film review

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"The Master," directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, is a character study of Church of Scientology, International (CSI) founder L. Ron Hubbard, played with stunning amplitude by Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Anderson has chosen one of the most polarizing figures of the 20th century as his subject, and treats Hubbard with appropriate diligence. The factually verifiable side of Hubbard's life as leader of the church only began to see light after his death in 1986, when a former official CSI archivist, Gerry Armstrong, began the legal process of transferring documents to outside researchers.

Anderson wisely avoids dealing with Hubbard's biography before 1950, the year his proclaimed masterwork, "Dianetics," was published. "Dianetics" went on to become the most-published book in history, and galvanized what Hubbard's followers were instructed to refer to as "the movement," which would eventually become Scientology.

Viewers are introduced to Hoffman's Hubbard, here called Lancaster Dodd, at his most charismatic moment, and allowed to make our own decisions about his philosophy according to his interactions with followers and critics.

"The Master" then moves to Dodd's relationship with Freddie Quell, a brutal, sub-articulate former naval officer played by Joaquin Phoenix. Readily manipulated by Dodd's identity-stripping humiliation tactics, Freddie contributes a desperate fanaticism and the threat of violence to the tightly-controlled group.

As in "Boogie Nights," Anderson respectfully portrays characters living at the most bizarre fringes of American subculture. The results are disturbing. Movement followers' buttoned-downed, familial presentation hides the extraordinary sickness beneath. Hopefully, "The Master" should discredit any perception of Scientology as a secretive social club for celebrities.

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September 29, 2012 at 15:41