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Wicked Tuna Breakdown – S1/E4

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Captain Kevin Leonowert of the f/v Christina proves the clear hero of  Episode 4, first by landing a one-thousand-pound giant tuna that at least a couple of other boats had already marked on their sonar devices, then by catching another big “slob” (aka tuna) later in the same episode.

Dave (aka “Tricky Dave”) Carraro, the competitive captain of the, is grinding his teeth just knowing the Christina got a fatter slob than him. Meanwhile, Capt. Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise has grown “desperate” enough to accept a day of charter fishing, which means he has to cut bait and tell fishing stories to a bunch of googans who never even caught a medium tuna before.

“These guys are offering me money for a chance to go out and catch a few fish,” explains Dave. “Call me a slut but they offered me money.”

The charter turns out more successful than anyone hoped, however, when the Hard Merchandise crew hooks and lands an 800-pounder. Dave even gives each of the “landjobs” on his boat a chance to reel in a few turns of giant tuna (once he’s properly set the hook, of course).


“And I thought tuna fishing was expensive.”

 — Dave Marciano, upon learning that his wife is running a tab of $487.50 at the same tackle shop where he’s rigging up for his next adventure.

Written by webster71

April 29, 2012 at 20:43

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