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Wicked Tuna Breakdown – S1/E2

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Episode Two introduces what seems to be developing as Season One’s primary subplot – the mind games fishermen occasionally play over two-way radio channels necessary for sharing information, and in cases of emergency.

The producers present this conflict to maximize dramatic effect. Tuna.Com Captain “Tricky” Dave Carraro has the hot hand for bluefin as the season starts, and the other skippers are all after his coordinates.

Dave Marciano, in particular, seemed to make a point of parking the Hard Merchandise about 40 feet from the, when he could find it, in Episode One, clearly just to be irritating.

Captain Bill Monte, of the Bounty Hunter, has also repeatedly complained about an incident when Carraro, fed up with constant requests for info, gave him some bunk coordinates and sent him on a wild goose chase around George’s Bank.

I’m more sympathetic to Carraro on this issue, personally. Dave Marciano argues that more sharing of information leads to everyone catching more fish, but I’m not sure that’s the way tuna really behave. I’m inclined to think the guy who’s catching more fish is probably working a little more than the others, and Carraro corrobates this view, verbatim, in the first half hour of Episode Two.

I’m no commercial fisherman and may just be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the regulatory catch limits on Atlantic bluefin prevent any one captain from getting rich over the course of one season. Carraro doesn’t have to give away his exact coordinates if that means giving tuna away to his competitors.

Otherwise, this episode’s highlights were the respectful portrayal of Capt. Marciano’s home life, and the introduction of Capt. Ralph Wilkins and his first mate  Pirate, of the Odysea, both balls-to-the-wall New Englanders if I ever met one.

Episode 3 #WICKEDTUNA BREAKDOWN coming Monday, April 16!

*#Matthew J. Webster is a journalist and marketing professional, originally from Gloucester, Massachusetts. In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Webster went on a recreational fishing trip in the company of Capt. Dave Marciano in 2006. Nobody caught anything.

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April 9, 2012 at 18:32

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